annaberg austria

Annaberg is an Austrian ski resort positioned in the Dachstein West Ski area, in the middle of the Otscherland and Mariazellerland. Its altitude of 800 to 400 metres is especially popular with Austrian skiers and its pistes are known to overlook the Otscher mountain. Annaberg has access to almost 97 individual pistes and the seven ski lifts can move up 9,000 skiers and snowboarders every hour. Ski runs gear towards beginner skiers to skiing professionals who want to try on steep slopes. There are no lines to the lift most of the time and the ski runs are interconnected, that is why Annaberg is perfect for a whole family ski trip.
The following airports are suitable to begin your journey onwards Annaberg. You can choose your mode of air transfer:
from Salzburg from Vienna from Linz Blue Danube from Klagenfurt from Munich International from Innsbruck
Basic transportation vehicles from the airport comprise of rails, buses, taxis, and car rentals.
If you decide to drive your way from Salzburg in a car, follow the A10 route south going to Graz/Villach from the airport. Then take an exit fro Golling and continue until you reach Abtenau. After passing through Abtenau village, you will be led to an intersection that will point to Annaberg. Another travel option is taking s short bus tip going to the Salzburg main station and taking a train heading to Golling. From Golling, you can take another bus or a taxi to arrive at Annaberg. Hailing a taxi from the airport going all the way to the resort may also be fixed.
While in Ananberg, you can enjoy yourself by engaging in sports like skiing, mountain biking, hiking, snowboarding, cross country skiing, rock climbing, canoeing, paragliding, kayaking, rafting, fishing, artery, hydro-speed, and tennis. Or you may also try leisure activities such as snow-shoe and glacier walking, sleigh riding, mountain and lakeside walks, water parks, thermal baths and spas, bathing lakes, hot air ballooning, mountain and lakeside relaxation, and cycling.

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